Our Services

Expert advice on developing and managing employees to drive your business’s success

We help small business owners hire smarter, improve employee engagement and inspire leadership to achieve more.

A sampling of our services include:


Is culture a grassroots effort or are you actively building your culture?
We can help with:

  • Organization structure and design
  • Leadership development and culture creation
  • Change management
  • Integration of business plan and staffing strategy

Talent Management:

Are you looking to hire new employees?
We can support you with:

  • Talent acquisition support including resume review, initial interview, etc.
  • Compensation analysis
  • Employee growth and development
  • Employee relations issues

HR Compliance:

Do you need to update your employee handbook?
We can assist you with compliance issues including:

  • Employee handbook development/revisions
  • Policy development/revisions
  • Corrective action and performance improvement plan guidance
  • Requirements for out-of-state employees