HR for Building Your Legacy

With the right structures in place a business can become bigger than the people who started it.

Building a business that becomes your legacy is always hard work… It’s where you put that work that makes the difference.

A lot of my clients reach out when they already have something in place, but have found that what they’re doing isn’t effective or needs improvement.

There are things you can do that will create a lasting legacy:

  1. Succession strategy: Who will fill your shoes when you exit? Owners don’t often consider that they need to teach their successor how to run the business, not just do the job. You need to be able to step away with grace and confidence knowing your legacy is well cared for.
  2. Mentor skills: The soft skills of training and developing your employees. People need more than observation, they need a system for practicing and improving.
  3. C-suite skill development: Adding new skill sets critical to running the business. It will be more difficult for the business to be successful if your key leaders don’t have the skills to run the business.