HR for Business Growth

HR is most powerful when you implement a people strategy that supports your business strategy. This is how HR transforms from a cost center into an engine for growth.

People will rise to the level of your expectations when they feel they are valued. When you provide the right conditions, they will improve themselves and you will see BIG results in the long term.

A lot of my clients reach out when they already have something in place, but have found that what they’re doing isn’t effective or needs improvement.

These are the HR functions that are key to generating growth:

  1. Culture creation: Culture statements, benefits, comp structure, bonus structure. We can’t just say it’s a great place to work, we have to put our money where our mouth is. When the culture is clear and in alignment, employees have a unified approach to how they work with clients and each other.
  2. Stay interviews: What makes your firm employer of choice? Employees needs change. When we are aware of what they need, we can continue making this place a great experience.
  3. Career Path Development: How do you provide a path forgrowth within the firm? What does growth look like in this your firm? When employees know there are opportunities for growth within, they don’t look for them somewhere else.