About Angela Sarver

What Matters Most

I founded EllieBlu on a single principle: When you treat people like people, they will bring their best to work. It is the power of human relationships that yields the results small businesses look for: motivated employees, problem free operations, growing revenue.

For more than 20 years I have advised small business owners on what makes the biggest difference for success: how to make the workplace a great place to work for everyone.

This is why I go beyond the typical task related responsibilities most people think of as HR. I truly believe that HR can be utilized in a way that creates a much bigger impact by building cultures and relationships that inspire everyone to be fully committed to each other and the success of the business.

My Inspiration

I grew up in a big Italian family with 12 aunts and uncles and 41 first cousins. Get-togethers were loud, a bit chaotic, and a lot of fun.

No matter what we were doing, my mum was at the center of it. She was a true matriarch. She was strong and fearless, and she taught us about love and the importance of family. Despite having an eighth-grade education, she was both street smart and business smart, and she had an amazing way with words. She knew exactly what to say in any situation and that inspired my interest in learning what makes people tick.

In honor of the woman who was such a strong influence in my life, I’ve named the firm EllieBlu, a nickname I called my mum.

She not only taught us about family but she encouraged us to give back. It was at her suggestion that I began volunteering as a crisis counselor. Through my experience at the hotline, I developed deep listening skills and the ability to ask the right questions.


I am passionate about HR consulting because it’s an opportunity to build deep relationships with my clients, to conduct work that is meaningful, and to improve people’s lives.

I strive to find new solutions to old problems. It’s an opportunity to recognize that firms don’t serve clients, people serve clients. That’s why it is important to focus on the people in your firm and how their experience is influencing their performance. I love the challenge of finding new ways to enhance the employee experience while increasing productivity and efficiency. I also love exploring what motivates people and how new approaches can serve small businesses.

Just for fun

When I’m not in the garden, I can be found making all-natural soap, reading, playing piano, or traveling. We enjoy walks in the woods with our beloved rescue dog, Sierra. She is the firm’s Chief Happiness Officer as she brings smiles and comfort to anyone who meets her. Her Assistants in Fun are Dusty and Lola, our rescue cats.


  • BS in Business Administration, Emmanuel College
  • Graduate Certificate in HR, Northeastern University
  • MBA with a concentration in HR, Endicott College
  • Graduate certificate in employment law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law


  • Certificate in Behavioral Finance from The Investments & Wealth Institute
  • PI Certified Partner

Professional Affiliations

  • SHRM – Society for Human Resources Management

Charitable/Community Activities

  • Lakes Region Humane Society
  • Samaritans Suicide Hotline (not active)


Wealth Advisor, Commonwealth Business Review (CBR) WealthManagement.com

Presentations/Speaking engagements:

  • American Association of Daily Money Managers National Conference
  • Commonwealth’s Summit for Women Advisors
  • Commonwealth National Conference
  • Power in Practice Annual Conference